Torre delle Viole - CilentoThe vast extent of mountains and hills which characterizes the territory of the National Park of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano, full of observation-posts and indented outlines, at Marina di Camerota blends to the glimmer of the sea; a sea which is a landmark. That lives in the memory even if is not visible.

Marina di Camerota lies on the coast, between two promontories, surrounded by secular olive-trees and over looked by ancient defensive towers; it is rich in sandy beaches, crystalline waters, inlets, ravines, caves which keep prehistoric traces. The town retains around the main square the centre of the ancient fishing village and evocative foreshortening of arches and alleys which descend to the sea.

The port is vivified by activity of the lateen-sailed fishing boats and “gozzos” which take tourists to visit creeks and caves the names of which are bound to local tradition: Cala Monte di Luna, Grotta degli Innamorati, Porto Infreschi, Cala delle Vipere, Cala Bianca, Marcellino……

The Beaches

“The least-known part of Campania’s coast line starts south of Paestum. It seemed the finest part tome, probabily bacause it is still half-secret. Small solitary bays, reefs and cliffs from which pine-trees nad olive-trees slope down … The southern part of Campania’s is a mixture of virgilian and tropical sweetness……”
Guido Piovene (Viaggio in Italia)